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Re: When will the pain go away


You dont know me but I would like to tell you that it is always hard to deal with the death of a loved one and it is always worse to see the after math of it all. The best thing you can do at the moment is to try to help your family out with whatever maybe needed around the house but most importantly take care of yourself. This is someone you loved as well and never forget that you are the most important one to yourself, you are the only one who can stand up to yourself in order to help.

I know you are feeling loss and grief, it is part of how this world is run unfortunatly. :( As for your Cousins, I am assuming, do what you think is right. There is really nothing you can say or do to make this pain subside, its the most horrible pain to feel. To grow up without a mother and/or father is hard and watching all the other children who have them is even harder.

If there is one thing you can do for your family is like this site show that we (you) are not alone in this pain. Others feel it to, tho we all are completely different. It still helps to know your not the only one.

As for the pain, it will never go away but it will fade, whenever you let it and go into peace of what has happend.

Funny that I am trying to help you when I cant even help myself. I have been going to cousiling for my problems and i think that anyone who goes through this kind of pain should think about going to talk to someone, who will listen.

My past is simple, yet it destroyed my family(s). My problem is that i mimize things I let my feelings of pain go for years after my mothers Murder before I realized that I had gotten myself into what I call Ut-Oh things like drups and alchol. Please dont fall into this trap, it is much harder to get out than it is to get back in.

We all have our pasts, but its time to look ahead into the future and see the light that glows. And, no madam I am not religous its just a sang that I remember hearing growing up with my grandparents. Take one step at a time and watch your step and you wont slip and fall is one that i came up with and it seems to help, at least for me it does.

I hope that somehow in this message you get some help or information out of it.

PS- Hiding your feelings only hurt you worse than showing them.

Name of loved one and dates: Cynthia (No respectable last name:( I'm sorry)

Re: When will the pain go away - by LORI - Sep 26, 2008 8:30pm
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