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MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

I had a question I have been meaning to ask you for awhile now and kept forgetting. I saw this on your GTKY
"Nicknames....unless you count mr spice... and I certainly don't count it."

and I have noticed some adress you as MR. Spice but you others call you Dave, and you sign out as Dave, do you prefer to be called one over the other? Idon't want to call you by something you don't like.


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Dave will do just fine.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Mr. Spice actually has another nickname. It's Dav. Although I'm the only one who calls him that. It's my pet name for him, Dav with an "a" like in lab instead of save.

Actually, Dave used to grimace and roll his eyes when I called him that and it used to drive Tori the houself nuts until she asked me why. Once I explained the name it didn't bother her anymore but now makes her smile faintly and he has stopped rolling his eyes and grimacing.

The explanation? I call him that cause he's not just any Dave, he's MY Dave, and special, so should have a special name. . . Besides, he absolutely refused to let me call him Sweet Buns.

Lynsay, who can't wait to see Mr. Spice's face when he reads this

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

So is Mr. Sweet Buns wearing ladies clothes today? He said it was an English thing.

I hope you are doing well Lynsay and everyone else.

Re: MR. Spice....which do you prefer?...Which does WREN prefer?

Good Morning, DAVE! I can hardly look! I actually typed it in...and I most definitely do not feel "angelic."

I call you "Mr. Spice" because that is how you were first introduced as moderator. See Lynsay's post regarding your introduction! It is several pages back, but I looked it up Also, when you sign says MR. SPICE...

Sometimes I call you Dave...when we are all into one of those rabbit trails that get really serious and interesting, about language or war or music or genetics of the royal family or something like that. can we be means Sands and Spice Society...if you aren't Mr. Spice

Also, we call you and Lynsay "The Spices." And there is Spice Acres...hmmm, what will it be at your new home? And we often call Lynsay "Mrs. Spice!" We will have to totally start over with naming the official fan club on the forum...Yes, I know we are ARGENEAUTS, but many of Lynsay's readers like all of her work and some prefer the historicals over the immortals! Amazing, but true! So we needed a name that included everyone!

SADS (Sands and Dave Society) doesn't really work with Lynsay's humourous writing. The SADS ...nada...Lynsay and The SAD's just not the same ...I can't wear a t-shirt with that on it to the eventual book conference I am going to attend when Lynsay is there with my sisters, irl and AE4s, and I don't have a "name" now for the other sisters/brothers on the forum because you don't want to be Mr. Spice...and I won't be in San Francisco unfortunately, because The Frog Prince says we can't do it this year. Also, we lived there, so he figures I've already seen enough of San Francisco, and we have a big family reunion to attend in June.

Oh, all the disappointments this morning... I should just go back to

Help, Lynsay...where are you? Spice shouts "romance" don't you think? Besides, Dave counts as a nickname...isn't his name David? We can't call him Dav...that's your special name for him. A little intrusive... just can't go there, kwim?

LADS...Lynsay and Dave Society...except that we only have a couple of lads on the official forum so it still doesn't quite work...besides, the name was supposed to fit both genders...oh, I shall have to call on Denise...she is the "find a name that fits" person. Sorry Denise, but you have to pull double-duty as ebay enforcer and find us a new name because Dave doesn't want to be Mr. Spice...don't worry, we of the no-named forum fans appreciate all of your hard work!

Mr. Spice, Dave, the British Brain, WHOEVER YOU have now confused me with the facts! I am quite blue ...and I was expecting Metallica to have a great hit with "Mr. Spiceman" any day now See if I write any more really good bad lyrics with our Terri in your honour...

Oh, and G3 my sister, Gena, if that is your name...if you are my younger sis who started this thread by asking DAVE his preference...I did write some really good bad lyrics to go with your last GTKY bump-up post! With Gypsy's...ummm, the house-pixie Terri of our home's help, of course!

Well, I am simply going to my corner now! I am distraught over this whole turn of events. It is hard to adapt to change this early in the morning before any coffee or even a cup of tea! Fortunately, Gypsy...I mean Terri...just brought me a cup of coffee-flavoured cream and sugar. I may actually recover and adapt, if it's possible.

C1, Cindy, please call me from my corner if my phenominal powers are needed, or an essay needs to be written, or if someone wants really good bad lyrics!

Renee...sometimes known as wren or W2ofAE4...but who knows these days?

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

I shall have to call you "Mr. Spice", as I was looking forward to meeting my own SpiceMan one day... Mr. Spice SCREAMS romance!

Gypsy...who is not confused at all.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

BTW, E.G. (aka The Frog Prince), my irl brother-in-law, is not called that because wren kissed a frog and he turned into a real life PRINCE, it is really not a nice thing, as it's because he was born in France.

She didn't know until they were married that the French were sometimes called frogs, which is a derogatory thing to say. In their first "discussion" after getting married, he said something, and she said "What do you know, you're just an amphibian?"

Thought y'all might like to know...especially "Mr Spice", after wren's pouty essay...hehehe, although she does call E.G. "My Prince Charming" when he makes her happy!


Re: DAVE....which do you prefer?

I came out of my corner because Gypsy is telling family secrets...LOL

Also, I do not pout...often...that's not true I am one of the best pouters you will ever meet!

Btw, The Frog Prince even had AMPHIBN on his license plate of his truck at one time, by his choice. The only time I have ever called him "frog" is as The Frog Prince and I began that on this forum after our Disney trip...and he finds it very amusing...he prefers that I put "The" instead of "My"...except when he is My Prince Charming...which depends on the day and time and mood of the moment. Something works though, because we have been together over 21 years now.

He does knows I love says so on my van tag...
ILUV everyone who doesn't know us thinks I love eggs. When he got the truck he has now, our sons decided his tag had to say IM side by side in the driveway, it works. Except for those who think "I'm egg" Well, this is Mississippi...where turn signals are can have them on or off as you please...(not really, but since I'm a native of this state, I can say it...half the time it seems to be true ) a lot of people don't bother to figure out the vanity plates.

Everyone who knows E.G. from work or otherwise that don't know me well recognize my van and think I'm amazing for putting up with him! They don't know me like y'all do!

Although, I am amazing! What can I say... I dazzle with my brilliance...or baffle with whatever ...just like my daddy taught me! And, I'm just as humble as Daddy! The Frog Prince tells my father that he is the reason I am the way I am. I'm still not sure what that means, but he has been saying it for 21 years. Dad replies that I'm The Frog Prince's problem now...and chuckles as he walks away. He laughs really hard now, because Gypsy and Kewie live with us too.

Oh, and Gypsy says she will call Dave "Mr. Spice"...well, unless he asked her not to...she is confident, but not insensitive ...but she likes the name "Mr. Spice."

Oh, we think she has the job at the bookstore in town...the manager said she will call her next week to discuss all the details. She is so excited and hopeful, so please that all works out! It won't start until June, but that works out well for us. back to my's weird...Dave had a one sentence reply...Lynsay and Gypsy had short posts, and it still took me an essay to reply both times. I think I'm in the wrong line of work!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Lynsay.....i love the idea of giving him his own nickname from you. that is so seewt!

but I think I prefer SWEET-BUNS! mind if i steal that one for my hubby?

Sorry Dave, had too! just once i swear!


Re: MR. Spice....which do you prefer? A one sentence reply from wren.

Dave will not do just fine.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

i agree Wren.....



Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

you guys are bad poor Dave/Mr. Spice


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

LOL. Stop panicking, girls, I think my honey was being facetious when he said Dave would do just fine. He signed in as Mr. Spice for heaven's sake! LOL.

He shall have to answer to it himself of course, but I'm sure he doesn't mind Spice baby--I mean Mr. Spice. Mind you it may be a while before he answers on account of I think he's avoiding this thread cause of the sweet buns thing, lol.

Mrs. Spice

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

sisters..sisters...please stop fretting. Do I have to freeze you all? w2 with your premonitions you should have seen this coming. Gypsy you are now included in this as is Jodi. Gena you started this now GO and WITHOUT your book!!!

I have a special nickname for mine also, but usually it is hubby. Which I will only share with certain people. I want no more fighting, whimpering or spazing. Big sis has spoken.
C1 of the infamous AE4 has to sign this way today

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Spice-baby? Sweet-buns? what other names do you have for him hmmm? or do we really want to know?


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

this doesn't mean I have to go to the corner does it? I think you guys are starting to rub of on me


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Jodi I think you are the only one who dose not at this time

Will let you know

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Feels as though it would be a little intrusive to refer to someone she doesn't know as "Sweet Buns" , but I seem to have no problem in instigating "Bun Jackpots" at the bar (collecting $1 from each of the women she hangs out with while we stroll the room for the best looking set of buns in the bar , then buy him a drink with his new found wealth)

Still prefer to call Dave - Mr. Spice

Stauri - who is saying way to much

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

I agree. Mr. Spice it is unless he tells us differently. Nothing like going to the crowd,

I, know, going there now.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

MR. Spice, i really didn't mean to have it go this far, i was genuinely curious as to which one you prefer.

Lynsay....I truly do think it cute! My hubby wont let me call him anything. I do get away with "MY LOVE" every now and then.

SIS....FINE! I AM GOING, without my books!! thats a little harsh don't you think??
I promise to be good!!!

G3 who promises to be good! .....SmileyCentral.comwell, as good ,as I can be!!)

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Gena, I really don't mind... just so long as it isn't sw@#t b*%s.

See - I can't even bring myself to write those words.

Monsieur Spice

Re: MR. Spice....which do you prefer?

Actually, Gypsy and Jodi and Stauri...Mrs. Spice and that man she is married to are buying a new I'm sure C1 will soon have a corner assigned to you! As you got in trouble with me and G3 and J4...well, I see her painting your name on your corner soon. But...that is better than being frozen or blown up...which are her other powers besides being the bossy sister in charge...C1 = in charge #1 sister. Got it?

W2...who took her computer to her corner with her today!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

I'll take the corner please...never much cared for being blown up or frozen


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

w2-did I say you could take your computer???

g3-ok you have suffered enough.

big sis is feeling generous tonight. she just got finished watching the 5th and final season of Angel.

All corners are canceled.

Does Gena really have to go to the corner without her books?

C1...may G3 take her books?

If you really want her to suffer, confiscate her copy of TAV...she won't be able to go without Victor...but it does seem a little tough on her...better ground her orbing or she will just call the books to her anyway! She is the baby sis, you know. Please let her take her books...but don't let her talk about anybody's name...including Victor!

Poor baby sis...she instigates even without trying!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

W2 see above post. I canceled all corner time outs.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Don't worry Mr. Spice. All of us will still respect you. Whether you are called Mr. Spice, Spiceman, Sweet Buns, or just plain Dave.

J4-Who refuses to go to the corner tonight sisters. She is all about the mischief.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

But didn't put me in the corner...I put me in the corner this morning...see all my posts on this thread and this morning on the GTKY thread! I only took my computer so I could post without coming out of the corner...I was pouting! Which I do very well, thank you very much! But I will come out of my corner now, oh dear sister of mine! Glad you are in a good mood.

My premonitions were totally confused, anyway...I had visions of SAD ARGENEAUTS because "sweet buns" didn't want to be called Mr. Spice. I'm thinking now that it might be in his best interest to stick with Mr. Spice, since Lynsay is telling family secrets today also. Hmmm...Sands And Sweet-Buns Society...brings it back to SASS...yep, he better decide he wants to be Mr. Spice...or he may end up as Mr. Sweet-Buns

W2 or whoever I am today...currently aggravated with MY FROG PRINCE...he is soooooo NOT Prince Charming at this moment in time! The Frog Prince has no concept of central heating and air conditioning...he likes the temperature to be about what it is outside...but he chooses to live in a hot, humid climate in deep south USA, where someone had a reason to invent air conditioning! What is the point of having AC if you never want to use it

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

I was typing when you posted, C1.

No corner time-outs...except for Mr. Sweet-Buns perhaps?


Re: MR. Spice....which do you prefer?

Mr. Sweet-Buns...LOL or I do like Monsieur Spice but it just does not fit the British thingie, you know, makes you sound kind of French instead and I'm aggravated at My Frog Prince at the moment, but I think you said one time you have a French last name, well we have an English last name...Spice-Baby, well that just seems to be one for Lynsay, I just can't call you that...Gypsy likes Spiceman, the name of our hit song...but I think you should just stay Mr. Spice aka Dave when you want to be...or else, you may end up as Mr. Sweet-Buns because that could end up sticking if you were not careful. moody today!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Hey Stauri,

When you go out sometimes...well, Gypsy and I think it would be an interesting adventure to go with you!

wren and Gypsy

Re: MR. Spice....which do you prefer?

How about I take up a new career as an English rap artist... I could rename myself as Spice-Tea.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Spice-Tea...I Like It!


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Yeah Stauri I am definetly coming with too. Dave, aka Spice-Tea, when you become famous will change your name to the artist formerly know as Spice-Tea?

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Yes, J4...we shall all have to go with Stauri. It sounds like we have lots more to learn about her...magic...SmileyCentral.comheeheehee

W2 who is very angelic today...see my shiny halo?

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Oh yes W2. You and C1's halo are very very shiny

Re: MR. changes?

I don't know about that, Spice-Tea, he may have another new career move as a tv star playing a tough detective on the infamous Law & Order series...spin-off #7 "Law & Order - British Intent"


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?


I'm glad you noticed the high polish on the halos of C1 and me. No tarnish on these shiny we glitter all over!

W2...hey, what about you and G3? Is G3 out orbing around?

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

I guess you call us angel in the morning.

C1... OK going

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Law and Order-British Intent. I love it. Starring Spice Tea

Sign me up for the premier.

Re: MR. Spice-Tea...Rap Artist & Television Star!

Oh, the AE4 would have to be there in all of our glory for Spice-Tea's debut...

C1, why are you headed to the corner?

SmileyCentral.comSing and glitter... "Just call me Angel in the morning, Angel" fly and flutter...oh, yeah!

Did your halo not get polished sister? Because I put in the order for polished halos so we could start the day freshly prepared for enforcing powerfully naughty posts. No, wait, that doesn't sound like our true mission...but it's a good cover in the meantime!

W2 I see an excerpt of book 10 in our very near future! (hey, it doesn't hurt to try and "force" a premonition occasionally...if it doesn't work, is it considered personal gain?)

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

I was going because of the play on words and thought someone would tell be to go. So I thought I would save them the trouble.

So you mean I do not have to go?

I agree an exert would attempt to keep us happy for awhile. Think of all the fun we could have with it.


Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Btw, C1...time of day has nothing to do with being angelic or not angelic for the middle sis...see yesterday's early morning posts...later in the day posts...night posts...gee, I was a true wicked
Good thing you sisters didn't brew up a vanquishing potion...I guess it's because I was already in my corner pouting loudly so that everyone could hear me!

Oh my sweet, dear Prince Charming...he has to live with that all the time...but he is still The Frog Prince about the heat & Air Conditioning! He is also working so much and some of it is really annoying stuff so that he is just a little (maybe a lot) on no need to blast him with a potion or spell yet!

W2...angelic and good ummm...well, right now anyway!

Re: Who's who...from the sister who mediates!


NO ONE tells the big sis to go to her corner...except maybe the Spices and herself! There MUST be order in the ranks!

C1-in charge, freeze and blast at will...Most Powerful! (See fairy tale hood?)

W2-mediates when not instigating, deep(I like that part), writes bad comes with the position as does essay writing and giving advice, premonitions & levitation...hmmm, I haven't used that one yet!

G3-baby sis...gets to fuss especially about Victor, orbing and ability to call objects to her, superb potion-maker, protecting charges as guardian...yes, including Victor

J4-Jillie...G3's charge, our adopted younger sister, moves things with her mind, astral-projection...and other powers yet to be told...

All-spells, potions, brewing up trouble, finding out what is in the new books...oh, I meant protecting innocents and helping the enforcers as we see it

W2 Yep, that about covers it!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Mr. Spice...I like SPICE-TEA...and guess what you already have the AE4 groupies!

aaawww you guys are the best sisters anyone has ever had!! "I get out of the corner" *chanting*

I get to keep my

I will take the grounding, but since you didn't say where I had to be grounded at...I will be in Port Henry, if anyone needs me!! I here that Elvi is going to be out of town for awhile...(at least until I bring her back.....once my GROUNDING is over!!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

G3, if you visit Port Henry you had better behave yourself. Elvi may be out of town but I don't want to hear about reports of mischief. You might bring the Council down on you.

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

hey i am game for anything right now....never really been closed minded!!

OOOHH! you mean it in a bad way!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

g3 better be careful there. Or else I will have to send Lucian to take care of things again. Remember even Victor can not best him

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

Well just don't get caught is all I am

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?

G3, Hmmm...I though when corner time-outs were lifted, that orb grounding was lifted also. So...orb on over to Port Henry and check things out. Don't worry, I'm sure C1 can distract Lucien...she can always freeze him and...well, do whatever she wants Orb her on over on the way...

Oh, sisters...we better get book ten soon before we get into too much trouble. Not enough helping enforcers happening around here...well, I think "helping" Victor and Lucien does count, so go to work girls!

J4, Lucern and Vincent are not enforcers. Want to go see something on Broadway? Mix up one of those potions that take us where we want to go, okay?

W2...ready to play, but My Frog Prince needs the computer now for work!

Re: MR. Spice....whichdo you prefer?


I know those were British groupies...based on a certain very famous British band...

but we don't have to look like them, do we? It's not because they are British ...I have to tell a secret, but it is mine to tell!

I'm going to get in big, big tremendously big trouble here, I know, but it's the truth so here goes...

The Beatles are okay, and as I've gotten older I've learned to like a lot more of their music than I did when I was in my teens/early twenties. But...

I am not a John Lennon fan at all...yes, I'm very sad at what happened to him, because that was wrong...but something about him and his music annoys me in a grating, clench your teeth kind-of-way! Do you think Mr. Spice is going to delete me from the forum? I especially dislike his song "Imagine" which is one of my irl sisters favorites...the other one, Seashell, but there is no accounting for taste...not Gypsy, I don't know what she thinks about his music. Oh no, I asked, and she likes "Imagine" for Seashell...she learned the lyrics and sings it for her...we are a big singing family. Other than that, she isn't that big of a fan of John Lennon/Yoko Ono either way.

The Frog Prince just ignores me when I change the radio station, even though he doesn't know why I have an aversion to John Lennon music. He has just learned to deal with it...and we are always changing the stations anyway, because we don't like the same ones.

Now, don't send out the vanquishing potions yet sisters, because I don't know why the talented Mr. Lennon annoys me...oooh, is Dave a Beatles and John Lennon fan and collector? I know our Mr. Spice takes his music very seriously. Am I in ginourmous trouble?

Do I have to look like a Beatle to be a Spice-Tea groupie? I going to the corner without my books now?

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