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Re: How long did it

For me it was almost instant. But what ever you do when you get in do NOT try to change the color. It will lock you out. Both Denise and I had that happen. I e-mailed and it was corrected. Denise re-registered. She may be on there twice.

But I would e-mail Lynsay & Dave then see what happens.
Fingers crossed for you. We miss you.

Re: How long did it


The confirmation email should be immediate.

Check your spam folder. If the confirmation email isn't in there I'd suggest you either mistyped it or you didn't complete the registration process fully.

You're not shown on the members list so you might need to do it again.


Re: How long did it

I showed up sometime after I signed off that night and this morning! So Its all good. Geeze Dave I hope you and Lynsay will be on the new board as much as this one... sob sob....

Re: How long did it

I did re-register but had them remove my first ID since I wouldn't be using it.