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Re: armand

Going by their birth and death dates on the family tree, none of Armand's wives could have been from Atlantis. Also, they were all immortals when they died, so he could not have turned all of them. They were either born immortal, or Armand was breaking the one turn law.

Armand was born in 1100 BC. We don't know if he had a wife in Atlantis.

Susanna, his first wife lived from 1430-1449, and was only 19yo when she died.

Althea, his second wife, and Thomas' mother lived from 1775-1798, and was only 23yo when she died. Thomas was 4yo.

Rosamund, his third wife, and Jeanne Louise's mother, lived from 1888-1909, and was only 21yo when she died.
Jeanne Louise was born in 1909.

Lucian and Jean Claude(d.1995) are his older brothers by 434 years, Martine is his older sister by 180 years, and Victor is his younger brother by 870 years. We know they had other siblings that are not listed on the family tree. Other than Armand being bitter and reclusive since 1909, when he was 3005 years old, I can't think of much more that we actually know about him.

I do wonder about this, though. Maybe his true lifemate wasn't either of his first two wives, but his last. Did he turn her, which leaves him unable to turn another, or was she already an immortal when they met? If he did turn her, then finding a born immortal lifemate is his only chance again. Or was he just so sad to have finally found a true lifemate, and then she died so very young also.

Or, one of his first two wives could have been a true lifemate, and then his last wife could have been also.
Lynsay didn't say he had only one lifemate. She said that not all of his wives were lifemates. If two of the three were lifemates, he may be bitter thinking there is no more hope for him.

What possible twists and turns...the perfect Argeneau story!


Re: armand

Something to note as well, he likes the young ones (i.e. his first wife died at 19 and his second wife was 19 when she gave birth to Thomas)hmmmm.....

Re: armand

Okay, reading back through, I saw the post by Stauri on VAF and Thomas. Since Thomas was about 115yo when Rosamunde died and Jeanne Louise was born, he would have known that she was not a true lifemate. Thomas may have actually been around his father and Rosamunde some of that time. If Armand had married Rosamunde when she was 15yo, Thomas could have met her during their six years of marriage more than once. She died when she was only 21yo, so Armand had to have married her at least by 20yo because Jeanne Louise was born the year of Rosamunde's death. Other than that, any information would have probably come from Marguerite, or by that time...the vicious Jean Claude.

On a side note, that reminds me...JC made it clear to Thomas that he was not to call Marguerite "Mother." Remember Thomas' conversation...I think with Bastien, about that. I wonder if JC was worried that someone other than their four children calling her mother might trigger a "memory" for Marguerite of another child. Just like he kept her isolated and out of England after the three-on-one.

Back on topic, there were only 90 years between the death of Althea and the birth of Rosamunde. It seems unlikely that both would be lifemates. If these wives were all born immortals, they were very young when they married because they were all under 25yo when they died. Of course, at the time they lived, women married very young, often in their mid-late teens.

However, the one turn law had to already be in effect, because they were all born after Marguerite. So before Marguerite's birth in 1265, the immortals had already organized their first council and began making some of the earliest laws.



Re: armand

Hey G3,

We can read between the lines and know that at least one of Armand's wives was a lifemate. But...what if that lifemate was in Atlantis. None of the Atlantis lifemates are on the family tree except for Martine's first husband. We know he had three wives after Atlantis...but we don't know if he was married in Atlantis. Were any of his wives after the fall a true lifemate?

Was Victor born after the fall of Atlantis? He told Elvi he had only had one lifemate before meeting her, who was Marion, the mother of his son Vincent. It would make sense that he was not married before the fall if he was born afterwards. The reason I ask is because Darius, Martine's first husband died in 260 BC...he was beheaded in battle, and Victor was not born until 230 BC. Atlantis was isolated from everyone else, so were they battling each other...especially by beheading when they were so advanced scientifically. I doubt it. I believe that came about after the fall and when they evolved. That would mean that Martine's three older sons were born B.C. ~ more older vamps!

Hmmm...time to get out TAV and read up on the part where they are telling Elvi when they were all born. It seems they do give the date of Victor's birth, but not the where. Just that his parents came from Atlantis. With Lucian, he has to tell Leigh that "he" came from Atlantis. Seems we need to do some research!
Such a pleasure to reread for research purposes...

Anyone else think it's time for Armand to come out of hiding!


Re: armand

Victor was born 230 BC which would be before the fall, which was in 79 AD, wasn't it? when Alexandria and Ramses died. And I don't remember that it said that all of Armand's wives were immortal when they died. A mortal wife didn't have to be turned when they married. They could refuse and live out a normal life. And I thought it has been said that pregnancies are possible between mortal and immortal, though rare. So couldn't Armand's wives all have been mortal? I've got to finish re-reading!

Re: armand

Thomas tells Inez in TAV p.252 about his father's wives "They just kept dying on him...Not an easy thing when they were all immortals"

Re: armand

Thanks, Wren. I couldn't remember. That's why I'm re-reading, now that we know who the next few books will be about.

Re: armand

We should take this thread over to the new forum, why doesn't somebody transfer the posts over?

The impression that I got was that Atlantis fell a lot sooner then 76AD, for Darius to be beheaded in battle I'm assuming that is when he was enlisted in the army of some nation considering the time peroid it was possibly the Greek or Ptolmaic army and he was beheaded by the largest enemy at the time the Persians

I doubt that a society as advanced and isolated as Atlantis would have a war with itself unless there was more then one city on the island. The only way I could think of him being killed on Atlantis is that the Atlantian Council had him executed.

Re: armand

Dave mentioned doing just that. After everyone was there. That is those who CAN.

Re: armand

Ah, Cindy is one of us locked out, too, I see.

Re: armand

YEP!!! Not a happy camper.

Re: armand

Same here, I registered, but I haven't received a confirmation e-mail.

Re: armand

Stauri have you checked your spam/junk folder?
I am registered just locked out with a general error.
Same with Denise.