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Re: It was a hard limit

I had been seduced as a naive 18 year old by 2 old men back in the cottaging days. I had nipple clamps, bondage, getting ****ed and mild cbt before I ever had vanilla type sex. The cane however was off limits to me as was WS and more extensive cbt.

Like many things back then, one had to comply with the norms to make progress so my gay, cp, bdsm self remained largely hidden except for the very rare liaison.

Until I found myself thinking of how short life is and tgat les me to recon. I will admit to being a tease, a time waster when I bottled out of a meeting. I was struggling with the reality of who I am. I looked at fetlife and even attended a few munches across the country but recon hosted my fantasy people.

After many mo the of conversing with fellow subs, some dons and making online-friends I took the decision to be totally honest with one dom. We discussed hard limits, mutual limits which were compatible and what my limits were. He said that my cp, ws and cbt limits should be discussed and I should not be closed to discussion and exploration. I agreed.

He said that he was not into sessions, he said an overnight stay was the minimum I should consider and a full weekend the most desirable. He emphasized that he didn’t play at his dom role, he was a dom. It was his lifestyle, he did have people visit for caning sessions of both sexes and hosted private parties on occasions. He said that if I was not suitable or unable to comply, I would not be invited back as this had to be a true master/dom sub relationship.

I was walking into this with eyes wide open, o pretence, I understood his desires.

He lived a 50 minute drive away in a detached house with an almost 100% private garden with only a small area overlooked. A tall solid garden gate built into a brick wall was to be my entrance. The instructions were simple. Text him on my arrival, enter the garden gate, strip completely of every item including watch, rings etc and place in the plastic bag hanging from the gate. If there was another bag at any time, I was to wear whatever it was. I was to stand facing the gate, legs spread wide apart with hands behind my head and wait.
That first meeting unfolded with the sound of a door opening and the padding sound of bare feet, a man walked past me and adopted the seams pose. His ass was striped with cane marks, dark crimson, bruises forming. Middle aged, a little plump but with no body hair. He then turned to face me. His **** was erect, balls with a nice taut weight