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Seeking contacts

Im Jon from the south west of the uk (Westcountry)

Always wanted to visit places like this but never had the courage to go alone, Was wondering if there were people from the SWUK that attend? Possibly make friends and car share if dates/work etc work out.

Have often looked and heard about these places and wondered if the likes of

Mr Tugg ex british discipline attends these, often thought of him and wished he was harder on his videos but liked his presence in many of the scenes.

Joey Hill also i have bought his few vids and wow what a man he is, is he well known in these sorts of places?

Been thinking that maybe the best way to get a session i would like would be to pay a dom to deliver.

Maybe one day i will pluck up the courage to visit these sorts of places

Re: Seeking contacts

Mr Tugg of BD often thrashed my backside black and blue. We had long sessions that lasted all afternoon. Sometimes it was hard to walk!

Re: Seeking contacts

Sounds nice to get that much attention!

I guess it was the models that held him back on the videos a little. I guess from an outside looking in he was the type to do cp for a reason more than just do it, make a real difference in someones life or correction for an actual past thing.

Always had a thing for him as he was very manly and straight looking, very sad they stopped doing the vids

Re: Seeking contacts

New respect for Mr Tug if you found him hard to take at times.
It was Chris from British discipline I always thought out of the two would be the firmer giver, Mr Tug was daulting for the way he always shouted at the miscreant or more often miscreants he was good at the group whackings.
Never seen him at the club but if he does go that's good as him. Chris and Mr Tug did a great clip site for many years. (With guest giver Alan who if you wonders where his fearsome reputation as a solid giver comes from its from seeing those British discipline clips where he cracks the cane down repeatedly!

Re: Seeking contacts

Did you find someone?