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The Re-opening - and the three zones

Splendid that there is to be a trial re-opening, and well done for all the preparatory efforts. (I know from another totally different part of my life, that all the protocols and regulations are absolutely gruelling to fulfil!)

Quick question - and sorry if it's too niggly a detail - with three zones of six guys, there's presumably no way to know in advance whether a zone will have, say, all boys and no Sirs in it! Or indeed the other way round. I know that quite a few guys switch but not everyone does. Maybe, as a minimum, guys could be asked on arrival and then directed to a zone according to their preferred role, with some sort of balance in each zone?

Re: The Re-opening - and the three zones

I also run a Club near Watford and Harrow which only deals with naughty boys .
No entrance fee or those with Covid 19 symptons Please .