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Secret caning and spanking party

We will be hosting a private party for the more serious caner and spanker. This party is not for those wanting to watch. If you come you are obliged to join in either as a top, bottom or switch. Also this is for people who like to take or give a serious beating and who do not mind marks, cuts, welts or bruising. You can use our own equipment or bring your own. You are more than welcome to bring a mate with you as long they are into heavy CP. We will also ask you to change into some sort of dresscode to make it interesting. It's no compulsory but it makes it more horny. Sex is optional. But expect nudity, cock, spunk or seeing other men having sex!

If you are interested email or ask Alan at the club. Please do not ask if you intend to time waste or a dreamer. This party is for men who like pain, get beaten and do the beating.