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Exploring with cane

I’m a 46 year old Australian who has lived in london for 20 years. I’m looking to explore cp, love the idea of haves of chance. Nothing too heavy but enough to sting and. Abuse tram lines. Want a nice friendly guy who can explore - with both punishment and sensuality in mind.

Re: Exploring with cane

What do you have in mind - like drawing cards or something? I was thinking the other day how cool it would be to get some lads lined up and draw cards. Anything four or below gets a one in front of it, so a four becomes 14 and so on. Anything five through ten counts for face value. Picture cards count 6 (so the highest chance is a traditional six of the best). Clubs is slipper, spades is tawse, hearts is belt and diamond is cane. Or whatever's handy. And what would we do for a joker - all the other lads to get a dozen with the cane perhaps?

And I absolutely agree - cane should be laid on hard enough to leave tramlines, but nothing harder.