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Pastures new (ish)

Older guy (63), carrying more weight than I perhaps should be and far from the best looking pea in the pod (those who know me prefer the expression "ugly old ***k**") but I like to think I have a sense of humour and personality to compensate. Been actively and enthusiastically into straight CP all my adult life and have wide and varied experience, both giving and taking. My curiosity is leading (dragging) me towards a desire to find out what it's like to play the same games with a man.

I've made a few tentative steps over the years which haven't sent me scuttling away (as if!) but only at clubs or once or twice at scene premises for hire. I'm at the point where I want to explore further; giving, taking - and exploring what comes afterwards; in an unhurried, relaxed setting where getting on with each other is as important as the physical and where inhibitions can be shed slowly. I'm emotionally straight but, up to a point (no penetration, either way) physically bi. Comfortable with cross dressing - you, me or both - if it's your thing.

For all the usual reasons I can't invite you back to my place but if your arrangements are more accommodating and the above strikes a familiar chord maybe drop me an email.

I've been around and seen enough to know how many time-wasters live on the block. If you're genuine tell me a bit about yourself. One-liners are unlikely to get much response. Not into prolonged cyber-chat - expect to move fairly swiftly to a vanilla meet somewhere neutral.

Curious - and cautiously optimistic - to see what comes of this. Your move .......