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C.P. sessions

Available in central Bournemouth -older strict but fair disciplinarian -everything from a school caning to a judicial/military flogging -your call

Re: C.P. sessions

Hello Sir. I’m in Poole.

Re: C.P. sessions

My name is Jens and I am from Denmark.I need a severe punishment because I have commited very grave offences(broken the schoolcane in front of my schoolmates-pee in the schoolyard-stealing.I need a SEVERE punishment:eg.cold caning with very flexible .pliable STINGING canes+OTK+birching+carpet beater and whipping.Positions ;Nude OTK. and strict Bent over.Afterwards I dont expect to could sit down without a VERY soft pillow.My bottom will be striped for weeks (red, is importent that my complains not will be heard.Punishment is punishment and must delivered hard,pricisely and professionelt.Dont spare the rod.I come to London now and then,that the Danish masters is too softhearted.Hope to hear from you Jens