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Kentucky Organs (Daniel and William)


I am hoping John Morgan will see this post. If you know him and can pass the message along, please do.

The Country section of this site notes that Mr. Morgan is searching for the ancestors of Daniel W. Organ, born 12 Apr 1812 in Jessamine Co., KY. I don't have much information, but I too am looking for information for an Organ that was born around the same time in Kentucky.

I don't have a mother or father's name or the name of any possible siblings. All I have is a name, birth date, and state of birth. I am looking for any relatives of a William Organ, born in Kentucky around 1815-1816. He married a Mariah and they had several children, a William (b. 1863), George (b. 1864), and James (b. 1869). This information is from the 1870 Indiana census record, but William Organ's place of birth is listed as Kentucky. He's the first person of this branch to move to Indiana, but his ancestors pretty much stay is Indiana up until my grandmother, Corine, who moved to Missouri.

There is a William Organ listed in the 1810 Kentucky census, but he is the head of the household and back then, they didn't list the individual members of the house. There are three Organs (Archabald, Joel, and Micajah) who show up in the 1820 Kentucky census, but once again, they are just the head of household. I can't find any record of Organs living in Kentucky prior to the 1810 census.

However, I wanted to get this information to John Morgan because his ancestor and mine were born just a few years apart and in the state of Kentucky, so it stands to reason that they might be related, maybe even brothers. It's not necessarily going to help us work backward very far, but it might provide a family link, at least.