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Michael Organ -- Co. Waterford or Co. Clare (d. approx. 1940s)

I started researching John Organ (my Grandfather)(b. 12/4/1907 d. 8/28/1958) a former Detroit Police Lieutenant who came over on the SS. Baltic in 1924, landing at Ellis Island. His father was Micheal Organ, and the manifest reflects his mother as "Jane Organ". He lists himself as a "farm labourer" from Crooke Rd., Passage East, Co. Waterford.

Although he lists his mother in Ireland as "Jane" Organ" that is odd because, I am told, she died in church (possibly the Crooke Rd. Church) in @1913, eleven years earlier. That said, he may have had a reason for not identifying his living father as Michael Organ, in light of his father's politics ("the enemy of my enemy is my friend"). I don't know whether he had any role in the 1916 Easter Uprising, but there is at least one story of his lending assistance to a U-Boat off the coast of Ireland and being rewarded with a gold watch. It's also said that Michael Organ had a political relationship with Eamon de Valera, who later became the President of Ireland.

Does anyone have information confirming or refuting any of this? Or any information that ties in would be appreciated.