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Joseph Organ c1805-1848

My gggrandfatherJoseph Organ married Jane Horwood (aka Harwood) in Heavitree, Exeter, Devon in 1837, too early for registration. It is not clear from the 1841 census whether he was born in or out of county, but there are other inconsistencies in that return that make it unreliable anyway. He committed suicide in 1848 while in police custody for a mminor offence, so we have no 1851 census return to give date fo birth.

His children were called Selina Harwood, Robert Harwood [Robert was Jane's father], George James, Joseph Fry and Jane Harwood. Therefore the only clues we have to his identity are the names Selina, George, James, Joseph and Fry. He was a haulier, latterly self-employed.

Any ideas?