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Re: Organ of Berkeley & North Nibley (Gloucestershire)

Hi Andrew.

You said that you have a seconed book comming out next year on the Organ family. Please can you tell me when the first one come out and where I can get a copy from? I am still trying to find photographs on my grandparents, Conrad and Lilian Organ, both died of T.B. when my mother was a baby. She has never seen what they looked like and she is getting on in age now. Have you ever come across Organ's who have moved over a period of a hundred years from Minsterworth to Randwick to Stonehouse and Upton St. Leonards and finally Gloucester.

Sorry it's so long.

Take Care.

Re: Re: Organ of Berkeley & North Nibley (Gloucestershire)

Sorry I dont have this information. If you find your Organs originated from North Nibley or Berkeley, contact me again.

Andrrew Plaster
Bristol, England

Re: Organ of Berkeley & North Nibley (Gloucestershire)

Dear Andrew,
I have traced my family tree to a Richard Organ born in 1511 in Berkeley, Glouc. Does the book that you have published include this man or could i be an ancestor of those mentioned in your book? If i can help you in any way, let me know.
Sheridan Musto
Jamberoo, NSW, Australia

Re: Re: Organ of Berkeley & North Nibley (Gloucestershire)

Hi Sheridan

Same as me as I have traced the Organ lineage back to 1511 when Richard Organ of Breadstone was born. Also I have some earlier references prior to that year. Yes my second book mentions this man. I think you are descended from Elias & Elizabeth Organ who emigrated to NSW. Am I right? I am descended from Elias' uncle John Organ & Martha Workman. The book now contains over 180 pages to date covering 23 chapters (1 to 11 plus suffixes e.g. 5a, 7d, 8a etc for world-wide branches. The NSW branches are featured in chapter 8a. Please use my email address for your reply. We can then share information. Thank you for contacting me. Very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Plaster (Bristol, England)

Re: Re: Organ of Berkeley & North Nibley (Gloucestershire)

Hello My 3rd grandmother was Charlotte Organ she married 1818 henry greenland north nibley her parents were John Organ died 1837 north nibley and Martha workman trying to confirm Johns parents and further back ? thank you christine

Re: Re: Organ of Berkeley & North Nibley (Gloucestershire)

Just update on Charlotte Organ Baptism.1802 North Nibley married 1818 North Nibley to Henry Greenland also of North Nibley their daughter Emma Greenland b.1820 - 1860
Emma's son John Belt 1856 - 1927
John Belt's daughter my grandmother Hannah beatrice Belt 1904 - 1967
Yes Charlotte's father was John Organ 1758-1837 North Nibley
his father John Organ 1720 - 1775 Nibley
his father Jonas Organ 1696 - 1765 Nibley
his father Maurice Organ 1659 - 1721
his father Morrice Organ 1625 - 1682 Berkeley
his father Richard Organ 1591 - 1642
his father Edward Organ 1563 - 1615 Berkeley
his father Rychard Organ abt 1538 - 1613 Breadstone Berkeley
his father Rychard Orgayne abt 1511 - 1559 of Breadstone Berkeley

Many thanks to everyone who did all the research for the
ORGAN family of North Nibley & Berkeley Gloucestershire

I appreciate the time and effort put in.