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Descendants of Cornelius Organ Putnam Co. NY

Greetings. I am a descendant of Cornelius Organ, Revolutionary War soldier from Putnam Co. NY, through his daughter Mary Organ, who married Jesse Cole. I am interested in descendants of his other children, especially of William Knowlton Organ b. 27 August 1782 Putnam Co. and his wife Mary Barrett. I have grandchildren of Cornelius Vashti Organ m. Joseph Dingee, Phebe Organ m. Solomon Bennett, Esther or Hester Organ m. Daniel Mabie, and Cornelius m. Maria Scutt, all of Putnam Co., but do not know which of Cornelius' children they belonged to. I'll be happy to share any information on this Organ family that I currently have.

Re: Descendants of Cornelius Organ Putnam Co. NY

My great grandfather was Lewis Cornelius Organ. I think he was born in 1844 and passed away in 1939. He was a member of the 7th Tennessee Infantry, Company K. He is buried in Madison County, TN. My grandfather was Fred William Organ of Jackson, Madison County, TN. He and my grandmother - Donna M. Merkel - moved from MO to TN. They had 7 daughters: Alberta Louise ( Bertie ), Maryetta ( Ott ), Effie, Clyda B, Hallie Mae Christine Organ, Cannie Lucille Organ ( my mother ), and Julia ( Judy ) Organ. My grandfather, Fred, passed away on 12-24-51 or 52.Somewhere in this family I had a great uncle named Samuel Organ, too.