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Richard de Organer, England (ABT 1300s)


Does anyone have any information about Richard de Organer?

Any help would be great.

God Bless,

Mrs. Francine Cobb-Arnold

*John COBBS (Esquire (of Kent))

(____ - ____)

TITLE: Esquire (of Kent)

Family 1 : The wife's name is unknown


1) *Richard COBBS (BEF 1326 - ____)

John Cobbs of Kent was recorded in the College of Heralds.

He was the son of one Henry Cobbe, who in 1258 acquired land

in the parish of Hope St. Mary, New Romney, Kent.

In 1324, John Cobbs had acquired possession of the manor of

one Richard de Organer. This manor became known as Cobbs

Court and remained in the family for many years.

It is now located near the village of Bonnington.

John was still living there in the 17th year of the reign of

King Edward II. It is believed he died there about 1325.

During his life he was awarded the title of Esquire, for having performed some unidentified service to the Crown. This title continued to be born by several generations of his direct male descendants.