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Re: Re: north nibley organs

Dear Suzanne - no I'm afraid she isn't one of the Organ's that I'm researching, but thanks for e-mailing anyway.


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Hello Sue I too have Organs from Nth Nibley my 2 great-grandmother was Elizabeth Organ born 18.06.1837 in Berkeley, Gloucestorshire, England to David Organ & Mary Nichols and came to Australia in 1855 might any of this be familiar with you/



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I am researching North Nibley Organs -

1. Emma b.1841. daughter of Maurice and Mary.

2. Fanny b 1840. daughter of Frederick and Mary. Spouse John Thornton

3. Isaac (b.1836) Sarah (b.183 and Ann (b.1840) children of Henry and Ann

4. Andrew (b.183 son of Hannah Organ and Thomas Witts

5. Elizabeth (b. 1840) daughter of Mahala Organ

6.Samuel (b.1840) son of Henry and Elizabeth

7. Ann (b. 1836) daughter of Mark and Harriet

I would be grateful for any info.,

Sue Ross

Re: Re: north nibley organs

Hi Suzanne - only just browsed Kens Web site again after a long time and have been researching Organs for a couple of years now and have a huge tree - I have your line on the tree but after David and Mary Nichols marying and having the birth date of your Elizabeth Organ born Berkely 1837 - I havn't any more info on that line. Hope your still on line and researching - and would to be in contact.

Re: Re: north nibley organs

Hi suzanne again

Just realised I already replied to this over a years ago and looks like you replied to me then - but must have missed this cos' was so suprised this morning when I found your reply.

Please reply through my e mail account so I don't miss you if you write again.

Luv Pat