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anyone tie in with this

John (b 1804?) & Ann Organ(b 1806 ?) (Morris)
(dau) Katherine (b 6/11/1839) listed caroline 1851 census
(son) Elijah (bap 5/1/1842) still to confrim (i think his name was george)
(son) Henry (bap 2/6/1844) still to confrim
(dau) Emma (b 6/4/1847 (bap 2/5/1847)
(listed in 1861 cenus Harriot g/dau) no info as yet
possible Mary to look up

Henry & Mary Ann Organ (Carter)
(dau) Ellen Caroline (b 6/2/1849 d 26/3/1913) (b Wotton st Mary d upton st lenoards)
son William ( b abt 1850/51 (listed in the 1851 censes as 5 m old)

Elijah & Ellen Caroline Organ ( Organ)
(living in Biggs Brooks Lane 1881 (Cenus report) 3/4/1881)
Elijah (bap 5/1/1842 d 4/12/1918 church yard upton)
Ellen Caroline (b 6/2/1849 d 26/3/1913 church yard upton)
(son) George William (b 15/1/1870) known to go to Wisconsin USA 1888
(dau) Alice (b 5/10/1871)
(dau) Emily (b 27/6/1873 d 5/11/1908) aged 35
(dau) Annie (b 6/1/1876)
(son) Albert (b 22/4/1878)
(dau) Clara (b 3/6/1880
(son) Alfred (b 8/12/1886 d 1970) aged 84

George & mary Ann Organ (Lediard)
married (1886 need to check out ) also 1 child that died
Goerge (b 15/1/1870 d????)
Mary Ann (b 1872 d??)
(dau) Emma (23/3/1895 Wisconsin) (d jan 1981)
(son) Burnet (30/3/1901 Wisconsin ) (d 6/12/1996)
(son) Harold (b 02/8/1903 Wisconsin) (d 8/12/1993)
(dau) Eleanor (b aprox 1905/6 Wisconsin)
(son) Chester (b4/7/1907 Wisconsin) (d 26/7/1995 or 97)
(son) Edmund (b aprox 1911/12 Wisconsin)
(also listed Evelyn Smith listed as dau) (b aprox 1907) a mystery

Paul McGregor & Emma Organ married abt 1916
Paul ( b 4/10/1892 d nov 1978)
Emma (b23/3/1895 wiscosin d jan 1981)
(dau) Jeanette ( b aprox 1917)
(dau) Marion ( b aprox 1925)
(dau) Doris/Dorsa (b aprox 1926)
(son) Donald (b 15/12/1927/8 d 28/9/1997)

Burnette & Bernice Organ married in abt 1926
Burnette ( b30/3/1901 d 6/12/1996)
Bernice (b 21/10/1903 d oct 1984 )
(no children listed as of 1930 cenus)

Edmund & Violet Organ (????) married abt 1930
Edmund (b aprox 1911/12)
Violet (b abt 1912 south dakota)
(dau) Shirley (b aprox 1930)

George & Eliza Miles ( Smith)
George ( b aprox 1810/11 d ????) 40 in 1851, farmer dixton monmouthshire
Eliza (1827/8 keeper aged 23 in 1851 listings
(son) Daniel 18/2/1858 d 30/11/1921 aged 63
(son) Henry (b aprox 1848) d 27/4/1879)
mary b aprox 1850/1
also listed richard (father 78 widow newland

Daniel & Louisa Melinda Miles (Morris)
Daniel ( b18/2/1858
Louisa (no info)
(dau) Hilda Louisa (b 11/5/1891 d 18/5/1971
(dau) Gertude (b 2nd Q 1893 d ????)
(dau) Dorothy Dinah (b 3rd Q 1902 d ????) check out
(dau) Dorcas Grace (b 2nd Q 1898 d ????) check out

Alfred & Hilda Louisa Organ (Miles)
married Glos reg office (aprox 1914)
Alfred (b 8/12/1886 d 1970 aged 84)
Hilda Louisa (11/5/1891 d 18/5/1971 aged 80)
(son) Alfred Burnet (b 5/3/1915) Glos
(son) William John (b 2nd Q 1916 d 13/9/1939) Glos
(son) George Edward (23/10/1917) Glos
(son) Ronald Gilbert (b 3/4/1922) Glos
(son) Daniel (b 1/7/1924 d aprox 1992/3) Glos moved to Aus
(dau) Vera Evelyn (b 9/10/1930) Glos

Alfred burnet & Muriel Joan Organ ( Phillips)
Alfred burnet (b 5/3/1915)
Joan (no info)
(son) alfred James (b 16/6/1939)
(son) Royston John (b17/6/1946)
(son) Christopher Burrnett (15/9/1952)

Re: anyone tie in with this

having gone down your line i see parts of it are messed up im part of the family and know there is a history of grieff in our family let sleeping dogs lie your in fo anit right

Re: anyone tie in with this

We have details for Elijah in Upton St. Lenoards and back to approx. 1750 (thanks to my wife Linda Kirby Organ) researched this line for David Organ (Wisconscin) whom I stumbled upon back in 1998 when doing one of my first "David Organ" searches in Google.

My family don't tie up with Davids in the USA t the moment) but we have a full record now from both sides of the Atalntic.

Would love to here from anyone who can tie in.

I will email later with names and no.s but am VERY excited to see someone seeking dear old Elijah again.


David Organ
Gloucester (Now Scotland)

Re: Re: anyone tie in with this

i have family that went to wisconsin in 1880 and most if not all of my family come from upton been working on this line for a while now and look foward to hearing from all intrested parties
best wishes

Re: Re: anyone tie in with this

i would love to hear from you with info from over the water and your more than welcome to look at my records they go back to abt 1750 at mo but elijah married another organ so it get a bit hard
best wishes

Re: Re: Re: anyone tie in with Elijah Organ

Hi Richard,
Sorry for delay in getting in touch. BUT if you want to have more details re Elijah and Organ Family circa 1880 and further back please email me. Sorry but about to change email was but now
fingers crossed
David Organ

Re: Re: Re: Re: anyone tie in with Elijah Organ

Hi david
i will email you about Elijah
in the mean time its not so much elijah that im intrested in but more the family over the pond
best wishes for now

Re: Re: Re: Re: anyone tie in with Elijah Organ

Hi david
sorry im having trouble in emailing you can you please email me on
many thanks

Re: Re: anyone tie in with this

RE: David Organ In Wisconsin/I wonder if he has a brother named Lester Organ & Raymond Organ!!! My father is Lester & he has a brother David Organ!!! That would be so cool to connect with my dad's family