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CT C.H.E.E.R. Message Board
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New legislation for homeschool students to play interscholastic sports

Hello everyone,

I'm a proud Connecticut homeschool alumni, with three younger siblings. The youngest is a baseball player and my parents had contacted numerous school officials and legislators over the years in an attempt to allow him to play ball on the high school level. In January of 2017 a bill was proposed in the Connecticut house of representatives in order “To provide equal access to interscholastic athletics for students who are home-schooled” by Representative Carol Hall, but Bill 6807 never moved beyond proposed status. Recently however my parents spoke with our State Senator Mae Flexer who told them she supports this idea and would look into introducing it to the senate this February.

Since this potential legislation could impact many homeschooling families I wanted to reach out to the members of this organization so that they would have the knowledge that there is potential for a similar bill to be introduced this year, and they could contact their representatives and share with them their opinions on this. It seems like a possibility to open up new opportunities for homeschooled students that have never been an option before, and would allow our state to join the 22 others in the country that allow all students to participate in tax funded student opportunities.

Thank you very much for reading and please reach out to your legislators with your support if you feel it could benefit the homeschool students in your life!

Hailey Quercia

Homeschool Graduate 2010
Member of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2019