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Are you new to homeschooling and have a question ? Are you new to eastern CT and want to connect with other homeschoolers ? Are you a current CHEER homeschooler, who can offer support to others on the forum ? Here's a place for you to post. Please note: No flaming; no advertisements. Thank you.

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groups in the Norwich area for younger kiddos (K, 1, 2)?

My daughter will be five next fall and I'm seriously considering homeschooling. I worked in public education for almost 20 years and am very disappointed by the state of it. I am looking into options, and I love the idea of homeschooling, but I don't want it to be just me and my daughter every day. I'd love to be part of a homeschooling group or community, where my child may learn from other people/parents who have strengths in some areas, and I can help out as well in the areas I feel I am best suited to teach. Are there any groups/organizations out there which offer this opportunity? I heard that Norwich is trying to start a coop but beyond that ("trying to start"), I have nothing else to go on. It seems like CHEER is a great start, but I'm really looking for a more local group to "school" with. I'm outside of norwich, towards colchester, and don't mind traveling a little. I should also add that I don't want to do a Christian-based curriculum or have any association with religion. Just looking for an alternative to public ed. Thanks for any help.

Re: groups in the Norwich area for younger kiddos (K, 1, 2)?

I also have a daughter turning 5 and was wondering the same thing. I live in Colchester. Would you like to meet up sometime? We love making new friends! :)

Re: groups in the Norwich area for younger kiddos (K, 1, 2)?

My son just turned 5. He has autism. We have all his special supports in place. We are looking for families to socialize and share academic info, outing, meetings. We too do do not want a Christian based group. We tried putting lic education and it failed us.