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Are you new to homeschooling and have a question ? Are you new to eastern CT and want to connect with other homeschoolers ? Are you a current CHEER homeschooler, who can offer support to others on the forum ? Here's a place for you to post. Please note: No flaming; no advertisements. Thank you.

CT C.H.E.E.R. Message Board
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Families in New London County?

Hi everyone! We are new to CHEER! We live in New London County and are looking for a group in that area. I have Boys....Teen, Tween and Elementary. Anyone around that neck of the woods?

Re: Families in New London County?

We are in Clinton... So not too far away. We have 10, 12 and 15 year old boys. Maybe we can meet up sometime!

Re: Families in New London County?

We are in Ledyard and I have a 13 yr. old son :)

Re: Families in New London County?


I have a son who is 12 1/2, almost 13 and being tutored and home schooled. We are new to the process, but I am looking to provide some social avenues that he could enjoy with others who are home schooled.

My son is interested in music, some of the arts, he is a hands on kid, of all things is interested in blacksmithing, which we are looking to start next week at the Seaport.

Any feedback would be great.


Phil Biondo

Re: Families in New London County?

We have an almost 3 yr old and a 5 month old and live in East Lyme...maybe too young compared to the above posters, but we too are looking to get together with families in New London County / Middlesex County. Feel welcome to email me or text 860-885-8548


Re: Families in New London County?

We are also new to homeschooling. We have a 5 year old with autism. He already has his special supports in place we need families for socialization and academic outings or get together.