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Art & Science Classes at MCC for Homeschool students

Manchester Community College
Excursions in Learning Youth Programs

"Excursions" is offering three daytime, weekday classes for homeschooled students ages 11-14 (or roughly grades 6-9).

Masters of the Skies | Fee: $215 | 5 Fridays | 3/6-3/27 | 1-4 PM
Earth Science | Fee: $215 | 5 Wednesdays | 3/4-4/1 | 1-4 PM
Artist Study & Application | Fee: $215 | 5 Wednesdays | 3/4-4/1 |1-4 PM

Our spring catalog can be viewed online at:

Masters of the Skies (Grades 6-9 or Ages 11-14)
What must terrestrial animals sacrifice in order to achieve flight? How are their bodies modified in order to realize this freedom from gravity? Can you separate the fraudulent from the true masters of flight? Caution: This may not be as easy as one thinks! Students will be expected to take part in excursions to four different habitats on the MCC campus. They will observe the differences in behavior of birds and insects on the ground and in the air. In the classroom, comparative studies will be made of insect, bird and bat skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems in order to gain a clear understanding of their physical adaptations for flight. Using all of this information, students will extrapolate what physical modifications would be necessary for their own bodies to take to the skies! No classes on 10/13/14.
CRN 11664 | Fee: $215
5 Fridays | 3/6-3/27
1-4 PM | Location: SSC L142
Instructor: Winthrop Ford

Earth Science (Grades 6-9 or Ages 11-14)
Students will observe how erosion by weather, water and detrition causes the formation of soils. They will test the composition of different types of soils and learn how they are classified. Tectonics (diastrophism) and its causes, as well as, volcanology will be the subjects of hands-on investigation. Armed with this knowledge and an understanding of soil forensics, the class will be able to unearth secret plans for the destruction of MCC by the diabolical Dr. I.G. Norance. Somewhere on campus these plans for total annihilation lie buried. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore earth science in a college environment through creativity and hands-on experiments.
CRN 11665 | Fee: $215
5 Wednesdays | 3/4-4/1
1-4 PM Location: SSC L-142
Instructor: Winthrop Ford

Artist Study (Grades 6-9 or Ages 11-14)
Throughout this five week studio art course, students will explore different art mediums and complete a variety of projects. Participants will learn about influential artists of the past and present, and incorporate various styles and themes into their own art work through these “artist studies”. This course will cover acrylic and watercolor painting, collage, drawing and pastel. This class is appropriate for beginners and non-beginners.
CRN 12078 | Fee: $215
5 Wednesdays | 3/4-4/1
1-4 PM Location: AST D105
Instructor: Cate Christen Waung