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Are you new to homeschooling and have a question ? Are you new to eastern CT and want to connect with other homeschoolers ? Are you a current CHEER homeschooler, who can offer support to others on the forum ? Here's a place for you to post. Please note: No flaming; no advertisements. Thank you.

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Re: Social things for teens

Ann, where are you located? And is your teen male or female? I've got a 14 year old daughter who might be interested. Thanks in advance!!

Re: Social things for teens

Hi Ann,
My just-turned-15 yr old son is finding most his homeschool friends have decided to not homeschool high school. He is looking for new social avenues. These are social things he is aware of:

1. A drawing class could form with his favorite free lance local artist, Rich Longmore, if he can find 3 or 4 more students to make a class worth while for Mr. Longmore. (go to to see his work) Classes are $80 for 8 1hr15min sessions held in Stafford Connecticut. Classes will begin as soon as we find 3 or 4 students age 8 - 18. Rich is really great with kids - he homeschooled his own children for part of their education.

2. A D&D group to play with once a week, or twice a month. He has played for the past few years, and has experience as a DM. The members of his old group have mostly moved on to college, so he is looking for new people to play with.

3. Borad gaming group to play with once a week, or twice a month. He is an avid euro-style board gamer. Games he enjoys (but will try anything challenging!) is axis and allies and other strategy games.

Deborah W.
Stafford Springs, CT

Re: Social things for teens


There is a teen group in Fairfield County. I'm not sure where you live, but they have a yahoo group called Coastal TEENS. This is not a Christian group.

I and other homeschool moms are looking at Wyldelife and Younglife for social outings. I live in lower Fairfield county in Darien. I know there are active Wyldelife and Younglife groups in Greenwich and Stamford CT. We're trying to get one going for Darien CT.


Re: Social things for teens

Hi Lisa,

Oh, your teen activities sound really great! Unfortunately we are EXACTLY on the opposite side of the state. We're in Tolland County, almost into Massachusetts.

We were in Greenwich for a Venture Crew Event a couple weekends ago - it took us close to 2 hrs to get there. It's a beautiful part of Connecticut.


Re: Social things for teens

I have a 15 year old son too. We are in Clinton.