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CT C.H.E.E.R. Message Board
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Volunteer to be Zombies FOR Haunted Hay Ride Fund Raiser event

Acting and Drama... Join us in character for fun!, one night or all four! Holiday Hill Day Camp in Mansfield puts on a Haunted Hay Ride fund raiser each year to raise money for scholarships for children less fortunate. (Foster Care and children in hardship)

Expansion this year offers the opportunity for those kids and adults who love Freaky Halloween DRAMA and want to participate in the production of the event,... including creating scenes, utilizing props, help with activity centers, or just playing a part in the staged areas on the property!

We would love to have creative Zombies (or just volunteers in any costume) to act out in the fields, play parts in the barns or to just wander about the property to make this event a success!

All participant will be invited to join in for the after party on the final night.

The dates of the event are Oct. 17/18 & 24/25 6:00-9:00 (choose any dates convenient for you, just let us know!)

Helping others while having a blast! Your help in making this event a success would be greatly appreciated, so grab a friend and give me a call!

Jeri Reid 860-463-5109