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Enrichment and Bible study Co-op in Greenwich CT


In the fall, we will begin our second semester at SEED Co-op (We Support, Encourage and provide Enrichment Development).

Mission Statement:
To support and encourage homeschooling parents through weekly bible study and fellowship. In Addition, it is the desire of this ministry to also provide enrichment classes for children that are educational in nature and enhance the learning that is already taking place in the home.

The co-op meets at Harvest Time chuch (1338 King St. Greenwich CT, 1/2 mile from Westchester Airport). We will meet from 9AM-12pm, on Fridays starting on Sept. 5th through Nov. 24th.

From 9-9:30 we have assembly time where we have praise and worship together (led by the children's praise and worship team), salute the flag, and a short devotional that is interactive with the families.

Our bible study classes are:
1st Hour Bible study classes 9:30-10:40AM:
Class Name: Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst.
Class Description: Does time with God ever become another item on your to-do list? Many of us at one time or another have had a relationship with Christ that was fresh and fulfilling. Unfortunately, as we manage the details of daily life, we can lose that feeling. This book encourages us to find or re-discover the "spiritually exciting life we all yearn for." During our meetings we will reflect on the week's reading as we build relationships and encourage one another.
Bible Study Leader Name: Melissa Biffert
Class Fee: $0 By the book only (no study guide needed).

2nd Hour Bible Study classes 10:50AM-12pm:
Class Name: The Battlefield of the Mind a study by Joyce Meyer
Class Description: Learn how to change your life by changing your mind. Gain control over your mind and find freedom and peace. Recognize damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing your life. Be patient with yourself even when you make mistakes. Arm yourself with the Word of God, praise, prayer, and other powerful spiritual weapons.
Bible Study Leader Name: Ginger Poccia
Class Fee: $0 Please bring a notebook, bible and pen (you do not need to buy any book).

In our efforts to keep costs down, we ask that parents lead teach or assist in the classes one hour (1st or 2nd hour), and then go to bible study the alternate hour (1st or 2nd hour). We have all of our lead teachers in place for the fall, but still need some assistant teachers.

The rest of our class offerings are:
All Fees are per child for the full semester Sept. 5 - Nov. 21, 2014.

The children will have indoor play time with toys, bikes, soft tumbling shapes to create tunnels and have creative play time. The children will have story time and participate in a simple craft each week related to a letter, number or color that is being reviewed that day.
Cost: $25 a child

K-2 Grade (both classes for all K-2 grade students)
A) Spanish I
Each lesson is focused on listening, pronouncing and writing Spanish words and phrases. We will be using songs, books, videos, crafts and games. The students will have light homework assignments to reinforce what was introduced in class, which will help and encourage the students to participate in class the following week.
Materials needed for class: Crayons, one small notebook, a folder and a pencil.
Cost: $25 a child

B) Science
We will be using the Giant Science book by School Zone. In class, the kids will work together and do crafts and experiments that relate to the various categories being taught. Videos will also be shown to help broaden the scope of material that is being taught. In the Fall the kids will go over Weather, Reptiles, Ocean life and Mammals. In the Spring, the kids will review Seeds & Plants, Insects and Spiders, Birds.
Reading homework and a worksheet will be assigned to do at home to help reinforce the material that is being taught in class. Homework should be completed in 20 minutes. The homework is just to help child's knowledge and understanding of the material, so that he/she will be comfortable with participating in the classroom discussions.
Materials needed for class: Pencil
Cost: $40 a child

3-5 Grade (both classes are for 3-5 grade students)
A) Science
The kids will use Human Body Detectives curriculum. In the Fall, the kids will learn about their Immune System, Digestive System and Circulatory system. Students will work on their own self portrait each week so they will have basic understandings of their personal immune system, digestive system and circulatory systems. Each child will get their own stethoscope, learn about white blood cells, white blood antibodies, immune system defenses, what happens in the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine, liver and gallbladder, the heart and lungs. The class will have an emphasis on how food and exercise affects all three systems.

Given all the systems of the body we want to cover, homework will be assigned in the workbooks each week, but should take less than an hour to complete. The homework can be done independently.
Materials needed for class: Crackers, large sock, an Orange (for the digestive unit), a pencil.
Workbooks and crayons, markers glue sticks etc. will be provided by the teacher.

B) Physical Education
The kids will go outside if it is not raining. There will be organized games which will involve running, jumping, using jump ropes, and balance activities. The child does not need to be an athlete to participate, just a desire and positive attitude towards physical activity.
If it is raining, the kids will do indoor physical activities in the dome.
Materials needed for class: proper running shoes, comfortable running/playing clothes, water bottle.

A) Writing/Lit. class
The class will have an emphasis on writing. The students will read short stories and then have a writing assignment associated with the reading. In class, the student will discuss the reading and will be given writing guidance. This class is intended to sharpen and further develop your child's writing abilities. Our teacher is a middle school teacher, that is now homeschooling and is offering her invaluable expertise. This class is not going to take the place of your child's writing curriculum, however Mrs. Tani would like to help each child improve on their existing writing skills. Mrs. Tani would be happy to discuss any writing skills that you think your child needs growth in.
Materials needed for class: 3-ring binder with pockets.
The reading material will be provided by the teacher.

B) Running/Fit training class
This is a class designed to help your student get physical exercise and train for a 5K run in Nov. 2014. We will do running games and incorporate a total body exercise routine. The student will need to run/bike at least two other days of the week. We will coordinate to meet at Bruce Park in Greenwich on Monday afternoons, to help encourage your child. Exercise logs and an exercise schedule will be given to all the students to help them run a 5K race, by Nov.

Your child does not need to be fit to participate, but he/she does need to make a commitment to train on Fridays at the Co-op. Each week the training on Fridays will get progressively intense. If the student trains at least two other days of the week away from the co-op, they will be able to keep up with the class on Fridays. We will encourage everyone to do their best and improve on their physical ability, so that when they leave the co-op at the end of Nov. they should feel healthier and have a good understanding of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

Material needed for class: Running shoes, mat, water bottle, running clothes, a hand towel

There is a Family Registration fee of $30, that covers expenses incurred by the church (use of copy machine, coffee, background checks etc.) and our banking co-op fees.

Fall Semester begins: Fri. Sept. 5 - Fri. Nov. 21 (12 weeks)

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at

God bless,