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Apprentice Electrician Course

Hello I am trying to form a class of at least 10 students for the following an Apprenticeship towards Journeyman Electrician License.

The classes would be held once a week in Western Mass. in four consecutive year period.(This time frame can be modified)

The cost of the course would be $775.00 per course including books and materials

The course would be facilitated by The Gould Construction Institute a state approved private occupational school.

The student will complete 600 hours of classroom instruction (150 per year/75 hours per term) in a curriculum that meets the approval of the Board

The State of MA. Requires that

13.06: Education Requirements for Class B (Journeyman Electrician) License

(1) An apprentice shall furnish documentary proof satisfactory to the Board of having successfully completed without substantial interruption 600 clock hours of classroom instruction as described in 237 CMR 22.01 based on the current or as the case may be a preceding Code before making an application for examination.

(2) An apprentice shall furnish documentary proof satisfactory to the Board of having obtained a high school diploma or the equivalent with their application if requested by the board.

(3) Applicants with education in systems may apply 25% of that education, up to a maximum of 150 clock hours, towards the education requirement for the journeyman's examination.

(4) Applicants may receive credit for electrical related instruction toward the 600 clock hours of education provided however, that such instruction was obtained in a public vocational school program approved by the Department of Education under M.G.L. c. 74 or in a private occupational school program licensed by the Department of Education under M.G.L. c. 93 or in a college/university program approved by the Board.

(5) Applicants who have education, work experience and/or licenses in another state or jurisdiction (other than those with reciprocity with Massachusetts), may be eligible for a waiver of this education requirement if determined by the Board by 237 CMR 13.11, 13.12, and 13.13.

If you are interested please contact