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Piano & Flute lessons

Hello CT Homeschoolers!
My name is Chelsea and I have experience teaching a variety of subjects - piano, flute, French, science and math. I previously taught a few homeschooled children in MA before moving to CT a few years ago. I loved it and found it added nice variety for parents.

My schedule recently opened up again, allowing me to take on students again. I'm available in the mornings, some afternoons and most of Friday.

Please visit me at or call 860-467-4324.

Thanks and good luck kicking off the new school year!

Re: Piano & Flute lessons

Hi Chelsea.
I am wondering where are you located? Will you teach lessons at my house? What is your teaching style with piano students?

Re: Piano & Flute lessons

Hi Angela,
I emailed you but figured I'd post here as well in case other people have the same questions.

I'm on the Manchester/Glastonbury line. I prefer to teach out of my home but I am willing to drive to some houses depending on distance and scheduling.

I'm classically trained so many of my exercises outside of lesson books will be based on a classical approach (i.e. reading exercises, understanding scales, etc). Once there is a strong foundation, I can incorporate chord work and improv exercises if a student enjoys that style. For the most part, we will work on building finger strength and dexterity, reading ability and performance (songs). The song book is always geared toward the level of the student - a 5 year will play from a book that has fun, short, interesting sounding music, not Mozart.

I start each new student by first understanding their goals and motivations. Once I know where they want to go, I want to help them get there. I am flexible in that I understand people are busy and there might be weeks where a student can't practice. But I'm also happy to be the one to remind them why they should practice and that they won't get anywhere without a little discipline.

Hope that helps!