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Super intendeants office won't leave me alone!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!

I have received two letters from the superintendents office, one being by registered mail. The letter I got today had with it two notice of intent forms for my children. They say that the law has changed and they are quoting... Connecticut General Statues Section 10-184, and section 10-220. At the end she states "Please note: "Parents are now required to demonstrate the provision of equivalent instruction through the age of eighteen. Can anyone give me any insight to this???? I keep waiting for someone to show up at my door!!!!

Re: Super intendeants office won't leave me alone!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!

From NHELD - Section 220 specifies the jurisdictional authority of the local public school board of ed... but the duty of the board is only applicable if the parents are not undertaking *their* obligation in accordance with sec. 10-184! Sec 10-184 is the one which imposes and obligation on all *parents* to instruct their own children or cause them to be instructed... if parents do not undertake their obligation, *then* children (btw 5 & 18) are required to attend public or private school. Because it is the obligation of all parents to instruct their own children, they are not required to seek the approval of public school admistrators before doing so.

There is no language in 10-220 requiring curriculum or other details. 220 appears to be specifically about Board of Ed responsibilities, not parental.

Statute 10-250 requires that, when asked by the Board of Ed, parents provide the names, ages and location where child is being educated to the board. (*Nothing more*)

In 2008, the language of SB 162 was contorted in the process of its submission from a pro-homeschool to against. The proposed changes were not passed or implemented. There has been no other law change (to my knowledge.)
Definitely contact Atty. Deborah Stevenson of NHELD at or (860) 354-3590 for legal assistance if you need it. Or utilize their site for reference:
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