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Are you new to homeschooling and have a question ? Are you new to eastern CT and want to connect with other homeschoolers ? Are you a current CHEER homeschooler, who can offer support to others on the forum ? Here's a place for you to post. Please note: No flaming; no advertisements. Thank you.

CT C.H.E.E.R. Message Board
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Would anyone be interested in learning more about literacy instruction with your children? Reading, writing, "literacy on location". I can do parent workshops in areas of need, concern, and interest. Thank you!

Re: literacy

I had so much trouble finding this website again as I stumbled upon it days ago, and your message caught my eye. I don’t know if I will be so blessed to find it again to see if you replied. I am pulling my almost 8 yr old out of school mid November. I am overwhelmed with all the choices in reading, writing, spelling curriculum. I want to keep using a similar method she has used in school. Mainly phonics, the orton method. I found several seemingly similar options—all about spelling, reading and the writing road to reading, phonics road. I am not a professional teacher, just a mom. My daughter reads at grade level, but her spelling is poor, even the simplest words and her handwriting is large, sloppy. She has some developmental delays, possibly sensory seeking disorder as well. She is full of energy, impulsive and misunderstood by the school. I need to have a solid means of meeting her reading, writing, spelling needs. I am overwhelmed in that my gut tells me it’s not necessary to purchase boxed curriculum for hundreds of dollars, but on the other hand I am new to this and finding the readers offering good literature all seems very time consuming. Can you direct me? Lisa,