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Are you new to homeschooling and have a question ? Are you new to eastern CT and want to connect with other homeschoolers ? Are you a current CHEER homeschooler, who can offer support to others on the forum ? Here's a place for you to post. Please note: No flaming; no advertisements. Thank you.

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Finished Homeschooling-would anyone attended a HS Tag Sale?

We will be finished homeschooling in June. I have around a thousand (actually dh says it's more like 3000) books, educational games, tapes, materials (maps, manipulatives), etc to sell. I am considering doing a homeschool tag sale. I would like some feedback. First would anyone attend such an event? If you would, would you rather have it early in the summer or in August? To do a thorough clean-out would probably take me most of the summer, but is that too late for most people buying curriculum? I have preK through high school, but am heavy on the books for the elementary years. Also my s-i-l would like to sell a lot of nice, clean children's clothing-cheaply. Would this be of interest or not?

I would appreciate any feedback as I am wondering if it would be worth turning a good chunk of my summer over to organizing this.

Re: Finished Homeschooling-would anyone attended a HS Tag Sale?

I guess I will take that as a no-sigh, back to ebay.

Re: Finished Homeschooling-would anyone attended a HS Tag Sale?


I have had excellent luck selling on amazon. We've made a boatload of money selling our materials on there as we're done with them. There's no fee unless the item sells, either. It's SO easy to list things, too.