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Colleges - Online or Campus that are home school friendly

I was wondering if anyone can pass on any information regarding colleges and universities, online or campus, that are home school friendly. Since we won't necessarily have an official diploma or transcripts, what universities/colleges will accept a home school diploma, and list of grades and courses completed? Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Colleges - Online or Campus that are home school friendly

Dawny, Check this link out.

Re: Colleges - Online or Campus that are home school friendly

There has been a huge shift towards acceptance of homeschoolers in colleges of all levels. Ten years ago, you had to be careful where you applied and many schools didn't know how to deal with a homemade transcript. Now almost all of them do.

Here are a few hints, though. If you are aiming at a selective school, your child will want to take the PSAT, SAT, and multiple subject tests. Even colleges that have 'de-emphasized' standardized tests take them into account for people who don't have grades.

Also, it helps to have some 'real' courses with grades on the transcript. Take something from your local community college, from a remote learning outfit, or a college outreach program. College work carries more weight, and many mid-teen homeschoolers can handle it. It is also a good way to get some letters of recommendation from outside the family.

(Our 18yo son was homeschooled until he went to college last fall, and he has had a good first year at the University of Chicago.)

Re: Colleges - Online or Campus that are home school friendly

Hi Dawny,
I know this reply is well overdue, but I wanted to respond anyway in case you're still seeking colleges. I was homeschooled for the last couple years of high school, then went to Manchester Community College for my Associates degree. MCC accepted a home-made transcript and diploma. I did also take the SAT, which was helpful. I just graduated from Bryant University with my Bachelors degree. They were great, but they did - as did all the schools I applied to - require a GED (even though I already had an associates ).
If you work with the schools and explain the situation to advisors you should be fine. Just be patient as there are a lot of college admissions advisors who don't understand how homeschooling works, especially at colleges that are in states outside CT which have more strict homeschooling laws. You should be fine with a home-made transcript at any of the 12 CT Community Colleges.