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Chiltern Council are considering allow a gypsy travellers site in Chalfont St Giles

I just wanted to alert everyone to the following :

Chiltern District Council Are Considering Allowing Planning Permission For A Gypsy and Travellers Site In Chalfont St Giles, the site is just south of Top Farm, The Lagger

The following has been copied from the CDC site
“The Council's Cabinet on Tuesday 27th August 2013 agreed for the Public Participation on Site Options for Gypsy, Travellers and travelling showpeoples accommodation to be carried out as part of the Delivery Development Plan Document (DDPD). The Public Participation consultation will run from 2nd September 2013 to 5pm on the 14th October 2013”.

This will have an effect on the whole village.

There are all sorts of reasons why this site is unsuitable, not least of all that it is in the Green Belt.

Over the years planning to put up houses on the site has been turned down, but why now is the district council considering allowing planning for travellers to develop the site?

If you want to stop this happening please act now and visit the
Chiltern District Web Site, and download the form that will allow you to register your objection that must be in before 15th October 2013 .

Don’t just assume that it won’t happen or someone else will stop it happening.


If you want to know more or be kept up to date with what is happening, drop me an email

All the best