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Big cat investigators

Dear sir
I am the founder of the research group big cats of the chilterns and a part of the larger international group Big Cats in Britan.
2012 has seen a record number of sightings in Buckinghamshire with livestock being attacked including 2 horses in South Bucks. In March of 2013 The Big Cats in Britain Group is aiming to host a three day research project which will entail a series of hikes and land sweeps searching for physical evidence of large felines. The team of 14 will consist of field ecologists, big cat experts, serious outdoor enthusiasts and long running BCIB members. The main body of the event will be nocturnal infra red filming and trigger cameras.
We are searching for farms / land where we can set up small inconspicuous camps near woodland where we can go unnoticed to perform night time studies. The aim of this letter is to ask permission to landowners within a specified zone / (hence our letter to you) so we can safely leave our equipment and vehicles.
As a group we would be extremely grateful to be able to set up research tents on your land or anywhere you could advise. We would also like to hear any of your past experiences of strange wildlife around the Chiltern area.
I thank you for taking the time to read this letter and look forward to your thoughts and instructions.
Kind regards
Paul Nicolaides BA (Hons) Dip

Re: Big cat investigators

We'd like to help Paul. Email me please on