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Re: Ania madamag kailians?????

uncle ditoy ak pay lang pinas, going back to vancouver on december. ktatapos lang skul.. surely will have time now to update the site, tapusin ko lang lahat mga reviews and exams. pasensiya na mga kailyans.

Re: Re: Ania madamag kailians?????

Hi Rhoe catnoka nagsubli dita canada? addak pay la ditoy pinas...napanak san manuel december 26 to attend the annual joint x-mas and balikbayan night. It was well was a nostalgic visit...i got a great time.. I visited my childhood best friend Cezar Perez..I had also the chance to visit Botao where your ante Sisay manages a resort..that was an exciting visit...I was so happy to see my baptismal godmother at Botao, my Mamang Maring Manuel Bermisa. San Manuel looks much different now more than when I was a growing teenager..lots of major changes...i was amazed to see lots of big houses that have mushroomed all over. The catholic church have been renovated to a flourishing landmark.. The used-to-be Marian High School had also changed not only its name to St Mary's but also had the campus now graced with trees. I grew up both in Guiset Norte and The Plaza at same time. My childhood memories of my childhood days in San Manuel are still fresh on my mind...I felt like a kid again when I visited San Manuel- home sweet home...Ahhhh there's nothing like home.

To Cezar (Perez) and Family I want to tell you how much I appreciaed the warm welcome and hospitality afforded me. I enjoyed my visit with you. Thanks for the VIP treatment.

So long til next time...kailians..u can reach me a Mabuhay ang San Manuel!

Rene Asuncion