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Re: Hello!!!

Hello there!

I'm not sure if this site is already been abandoned.But you're right, there is a need to start communicating again.Though it's a bit difficult if you don't know whom you're communicating with.You're name please?

Re: Hello...Fellow San Manuelians kumusta kayon ngay?

Hayyyyy apo! naimbag a bigat, malem, rabii yo depende ayan yo datta! Napanak diay San Manuel idi last week ti April 2005 and wowowowow believe it or not diak metten mabigbig ti San Manuelen gapu ti changes that have transpired after my last visit about 25 years ago!

To answer Ramil's question, my name is Renato Asuncion, a Marian High School alumnus. Ti balay mi idi diay Gueset Norte ken diay Plaza. How about you Ramil, how are you related to my high school classmate and friend Cezar Perez? I am really thankful this site still exists.

I visited my cousin Corazon Asuncion (maiden name) and had a real happy get-together. First, when I sent her text messages (hehehe na22 na me magtex) I was so daring to tell her "saanak mga mapukaw dita San Manuel ta ditaak nga dimmakkel...diak ketdi ammon ti San Manuel?" But to make story short, diak metten ammo apo ti ayan di balaymi idi diay Gueset Norte, thanks to my cousin Estrella Bermisa for briefly updating me about the neighborhood. Daydi puesto mi diay Plaza... remember "Asuncion Studio and Sari Sari Store"?... diak met ammon ti location na! Pati Marian High School nga nagadalak diak met mabigbigen? Awan metten di convento that housed the principal's and faculty office, tapos additional row buildings were built, and trees are now are all over the then open field of the school.

The auditorium andon pa rin but the used-to-be bare open space adjacent to the auditorium is now beautifully landscaped. There are now lots of beautidul homes all around town awan met dagidi katawatawaanen diay asideg da Mentoya family, awan metten di kulalatsi diay kanto da Don Milan Subido, the used-to-be dirt roads are now concrete roads, mga bamboo, wire, stone (kinabite) and wood fences of homes before are now all of modern construction. I love San Manuel I am proud of its transformation to a better San Manuel. My one-day visit made me feel like I was a kid again! I am going back for a longer visit soon.

Kailians here are my addresses and phone numbers:

In New Jersey: 1 856 236 3697 (cell phone)
1 856 616 8876 (landline)
My cell phone SIM CARD is prepaid, good til August 2005 kasi punta me sa Manila sa August for 6 months.

In the Philippines my permanent cell phone numbers are: 09157420035 and 09192724430


Kailians email me, call me, text me! I would love to hear from you!


Hello Friend!I hope you still remember me. How's the rest of the "barkada"? Really miss u guys....