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Affordable skin and hair care products

I’m selling imported products that could make you look great without having to spend so much. I have a variety of imported products or derma kits for face and body whitening (lotion, creams, soaps, solutions), underarm/bikini line whitening, pimple/acne treatment, scars removal, blackheads/whiteheads removal, oil control, anti-wrinkle, stretchmark reducer, hair grower etc... I also have spa bath, body & foot products, rosehips tablets, slimming pills, whitening pills and breast enlarger/firming capsules, ALL GUARANTEED ORIGINAL, SAFE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. A MUST-BUY FOR ALL!!!

Should you want to order or inquire for the complete list of my products, you can chat with or email me at or text/call me thru 0919.608.0088.

Stay beautiful. Inside & Out.

Re: Affordable skin and hair care products

Asianwhiteskin Trading

Supplier of all kinds of whitening pills, Under arm Whitening Cream, Face whitening Kit, 100% Safe Diet Pills and other beauty products……..