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Re: Non-boater issue


We appreciate you fishing with us. We will try everything possible to be sure everyone that signs up does fish. If you have a guaranteed non-boater, then you are guaranteed to fish. If you come without a guaranteed non-boater, we will do our best to match up the boater with a non-boater that does not have a guaranteed boater. There is always a few non-boaters that are not guaranteed, this will be handled in the order of people being registered at the check in. But in the event we have more boaters than non-boaters, then the boaters that do not have a guaranteed non-boater will be paired boater on boater. If in the event there was an odd boater or non-boater, then in this case someone would not fish. In the past we have been successful in working it out, but we cannot guarantee it.


Anthony Roy

Re: Non-boater issue

And I believe if a boater/boater get paired they split the boat control for the day unlike boater/non-boater.