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You're invited to honor your loved one on this board in any way that helps you deal with your grief whether it's a story, poem, link to a memorial site or sharing feelings about your loss.  Memorial candles are displayed at In Memory of Ben - Memorial Candles and will stay lit as long as this site is alive.
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In Memory of........
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still doesn't seem real

I appologize before hand but need to ask. It has been almost a year since my aunt passed away. She was 38 when she passed and i have been noticing ever since she did pass that when i talk about her i talk as though she is still alive. and i even get to the point where i say to myself i wonder how she is doing. or with a job i was asked to go to where she lived and though oh yeah i can stay with my aunt. its like i can't comprehend that she is gone. and at times it doesn't seem right. I don't know if its Just me or if other people do it too. i feel a little lost when talking about her. Just wish i knew why i still feel like she isn't gone.