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In Memory of........

You're invited to honor your loved one on this board in any way that helps you deal with your grief whether it's a story, poem, link to a memorial site or sharing feelings about your loss.  Memorial candles are displayed at In Memory of Ben - Memorial Candles and will stay lit as long as this site is alive.
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In Memory of........
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My Beloved Son

My Baby,
I miss you so much! Life without you is just so incomplete. I long to hear your voice, I yearn to kiss you goodnight. I want so much to say I love you and for you to say it back to me. It has been 15 months since you grew your wings, and yet I still grieve for you everyday. I hope to see you soon my beloved. Love, Mom <3

Website: yahoo

Name of loved one and dates: Eric Robert Cambell 8-7-1994 to 3-11-2006