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In Memory of........

You're invited to honor your loved one on this board in any way that helps you deal with your grief whether it's a story, poem, link to a memorial site or sharing feelings about your loss.  Memorial candles are displayed at In Memory of Ben - Memorial Candles and will stay lit as long as this site is alive.
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In Memory of........
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In loving memory of my unborn baby

I lost my dearest baby 8 weeks after conception.
Its my first pregnancy.

Mummy wants to say sorry. Even though I have never met you, I will love you forever. One day, we will meet again.

Remember our pact that you will come back and be my next child when its the time? Baby, please come back 5 years later and be my baby again. Mummy will take care of you well and never let you be hurt again.

I pray that you will be in good hands of god.
I know you will be in good hands of my grandmum who has passed on.

Mummy wants to seek your forgiveness and understanding and I will pray for you and you will be in my heart.

Do you see the tears I've cried for you?

Baby, you are born into heaven straight away.

In loving memory of my dearest baby.


Name of loved one and dates: My dearest baby, 29th September 2006