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You're invited to honor your loved one on this board in any way that helps you deal with your grief whether it's a story, poem, link to a memorial site or sharing feelings about your loss.  Memorial candles are displayed at In Memory of Ben - Memorial Candles and will stay lit as long as this site is alive.
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In Memory of........
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The celebration of the life of our daughter, Jill, who died in a car accident on 8/2/02.

Thank you for allowing us to share about our loved ones - you are so gracious! I have visited Ben's site many times because I have a dear friend whose son passed away and he absolutely LOVED trains. His name is Robbie Smith and his memorial site URL is His site is FULL of trains.

Jill is a beautiful girl, with a sparkling personality and a smile that would melt your heart. She had a deep love for cheerleading and was a member of an all-star co-ed competition cheerleading squad. A member of her stunt group wrote a poem about her and said that when she walked out on the blue mat at the gym, her face lit up like a Christmas tree! The last year of her life was most definately her happiest.

Even though it has been 3 years since Jill passed away, I think of her every minute of the day. There are times when I wake up in the morning, sit up in the bed really fast, and think "I hope Jill is awake and getting ready for school!" I miss our fun talks, shopping together, and just sitting in the middle of the floor and sharing with her friends. I still keep expecting her to walk through the door and say "Hey Mom!"

Thank you again for allowing us to share about our loved ones. I know that Ben must be so very proud of you for being so gracious to others.

We have a group called "Angel Reminders" that is by invitation only and we sign guestbooks of other angels on their anniversary and birthdays. There is no chatting within the group; however, you do make some very, very compassionate, understanding and loving friends. If you are interested in joining our group, please just e-mail me and I will send you an invitation to join. It is so very wonderful when your child's dates come around and his guestbook is filled with loving and compassionate messages.

Always remember that Ben lives within your heart and is always just one footstep behind you. I pray that with each new day, your pain decreases and your joy in the Lord increases. Each time the wind blows your hair, it is your precious Ben, sending you Heavenly kisses from above, and may you feel them in the prescence of the breeze that brings them to you. With many prayers, much love and lots of big hugs, Peggy Rozell


Website: In Loving Memory of Jill Marie Rozell

Name of loved one and dates: Jill Marie Rozell - 3/14/84-08/02/02