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You're invited to honor your loved one on this board in any way that helps you deal with your grief whether it's a story, poem, link to a memorial site or sharing feelings about your loss.  Memorial candles are displayed at In Memory of Ben - Memorial Candles and will stay lit as long as this site is alive.
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In Memory of........
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Loving and Missing You Always Baby Boy

I hope you heard us when we told how much we loved you, I hope you felt the Love from us when we held you and had to say our good-byes before could even welcome you to the world.

We didn't have our first "He slept all night", first words, first steps, first prayers, first day of school, your first date, or your first fight over protecting both of your sisters. May of 2006 would have been your high school graduation (you will be getting balloons sent up to Heaven for you). Your sister put one of her car keys on your grave because you would have had your drivers license now. We don't know what Gods plan is yet but one day He will let us know the answer.

Things that cannot be taken from us are the Love we always have for you, our thoughts you are constantly in, the place in all of our hearts that only you have, and the tears I sometimes cry late at night when I am talking to you.

Know that when God is ready, we will all be together in Heaven, never again to part.

Always Loving and Remembering You,
Mommy, Daddy, Shawnna and Jaqulyn

Name of loved one and dates: Timothy Lane Orsic June 16, 1988- June 16, 1988

Re: Loving and Missing You Always Baby Boy

I am sure your baby boy boy is doin fine in heaven. I lost my little girl as well. I never got to see her smile or even hear her cry. But I know she is being taken care of right now and she know her mommy loves her. Your little boy know you miss him and that you love him. He sees you everyday..I'm sure.

Name of loved one and dates: Kiya Sue Faye Humphrey-Reed Sept 23, 2005