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Nemesis is closing...

4th June 2003

Following the poll conducted on the web-site a few months ago, Allanon and myself have spent many an hour considering

the future of Nemesis. We have of course listened to the opinions of Shal and Qwerty.

Regretably, the result of our deliberations has been that neither of us have the time available, nor if we face facts,

are we inclined to find the time anymore, to dedicate to Nemesis.

The outcome is in the following:-

1. Nemesis in it's current form and on it's present host will be closed on 30th June 2003

2. Allanon and Griff will retain a copy of the code each to do with what they want at will either now or in the

future, without limitation.

3. Should anyone we know from our time on Nemesis wish to take on the code and find it a new home, we are willing to

release a copy of the whole code to such an individual to use as their own. However they will have to find a host for it.

4. If you are interested in taking on the role and run/host Nemesis please contact griff by email at



Re: Nemesis has reopened... - by Crimefighter - Jul 5, 2003 12:49pm
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