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November Issue of The MUD Journal

The November issue of the MUD Journal (

is up as of 11/1/02 and ready for reading. This month's issue includes:

- an article by Alaire of Southlands about building a MUD community

- a brief editorial on lag and how it affects a mud by Margaret


- an overview of existing Harry Potter MU*s

- a piece by Paul Boyle extending Richard Bartle's classifications

of types of MUD players to describe MMORPGs

- an interview by Ntanel Stormblade, talking to Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt

and Kavir about the intricacies of Diku licensing

- a checklist from the Shade of Nessalin detailing what a staff

member on a roleplay MUD should consider when starting a clan

- an article by Wes Platt about in-game romances and TinySex

- an editorial from Lithein talking about an Admin's stance on

Advocate players

I invite you to join the discussion at,

and to consider contributing articles or reviews to the magazine. I've

found in the past that this is one of the best ways to let other players

know about your game and to invite them to join in the fun. If you're

interested in contributing to The MUD Journal, please drop me a line at

Thanks, and happy gaming!