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Re: Re: I need some help on a mud...

Thanks for the help!

I'm not an implementor, but maybe if I can get the Aber code for the area in question I can give it to our imps and let them see what they can do with it.


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I'm not aware of any program that converts Aber zonefiles to Diku ROM. Thankfully, the zone format for Abermuds is easy to read, but the zone format for ROM is not so easy to read...if you know how to make a ROM zonefile you shouldn't have much trouble doing a conversion.

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Recently I was accepted as a Immortal on a Rom based mud that is presently under construction called "Jacob's Ladder." I have a question for someone who might be familiar with both varieties of muds.

There is a maze on an AberMud that I would like to do something similar to it on Jacob's, but I need to know if there is a way to 'convert' the Aber code to Rom code?

Just wondering because Jacob's Ladder is intended to be a non-violent mudding system where scoring is based on puzzle solving and other non-aggressive tasks and quests.

(not to get into theology discussion but...) we are doing this as a Christian witness and our Founder, Jacob (ofcourse) wants to eliminate the violent aspects of mud gaming...

My thanks for any assistance you might provide