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I need some help on a mud...


Recently I was accepted as a Immortal on a Rom based mud that is presently under construction called "Jacob's Ladder." I have a question for someone who might be familiar with both varieties of muds.

There is a maze on an AberMud that I would like to do something similar to it on Jacob's, but I need to know if there is a way to 'convert' the Aber code to Rom code?

Just wondering because Jacob's Ladder is intended to be a non-violent mudding system where scoring is based on puzzle solving and other non-aggressive tasks and quests.

(not to get into theology discussion but...) we are doing this as a Christian witness and our Founder, Jacob (ofcourse) wants to eliminate the violent aspects of mud gaming...

My thanks for any assistance you might provide

Re: I need some help on a mud... - by Crimefighter - Jan 7, 2002 9:22pm
Re: Re: I need some help on a mud... - by Hatfield - Jan 8, 2002 10:58am
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