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You cant keep me out

the cat came back the verry next day. i thought you were a computer wiz. i guess not that smart. you think a ip block will stop the all powerfull RON? oh you like getting rid of all those post

Re: You cant keep me out

If you're gonna spam the board with off-topic posts then yeah I'm gonna keep kicking you off. Grow up MIKE. Keep your posts on NMW's board where they belong.

Re: Re: You cant keep me out

I am grown up STEVEN. I didnt spam your board i was useing a old abandoned board that hasnt been used in half a year. I cant help the fact that the webmaster has a out of date service with low security and low webflow. You took of MY post that wasnt spam. I have a right to post on here. What is the topic of this board????? you being on a movie??? the post were related to you. This board has very very few things to do with the site. DO YOUR JOB.