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Farringdon Family

Will one day visit the village that is my namesake.
My family came from Boe in London where a lot of them are burried.
There is a connection with Farringdon road where the family ran one of the first commercial printing presses until the 1st world war.
My grandfather George Farringdon moved to Sheffield in Yorkshire in the 1930s thats where i was born in 1946.
Inow live in Norfolk and have done for 49years .

Re: Farringdon Family

Hello there my names matthew james farringdon, i was on the internet when i read your message, my grandad and farther grew up in sheffield and i thought this was a big coincedence. After a quick call to my dad he told me that his dad had an uncle called billy which i think must have been your farther.Just thourght id say hello