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Newton's Folly

Just a quick note to say hello. Debbie and myself and our extended family move into Farringdon Place on 14th July 2006. We almost bought Farringdon Place 2 years ago when it was last sold, but after a legendary row about the paving slabs we split up and pulled out! I'm happy to say we weren't apart for long and all has ended happily as we are getting married in September. Farringdon Place however is not in such a happy state with water damage to much of the property and the dining room ceiling providing a charming view of the upstairs bed room, we are hoping that it won't be re-named Newton's Folly for generations to come! We are very much looking forward to bringing the old house back to it's former glory and meeting you all, although we seem to have met most of you already in The Rose and Crown! Our family is me , Steve Newton, Debbie Othen my lovely fiancee and partner of 8 years, and our children, Jack Newton 17, Will Othen 14, Jessie Newton 15, Tim Othen 11, and Harrison Newton 9.
Best Wishes
The Newtons and Othens